Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the abode

my mom is officially moving to her boyfriends when she gets back so that means I can finally take the house by the reins and make it my own without fearing the repurcussions of my mothers unjust feeling of being moved aside.
First I redecorated the bathroom. I cleaned it out, threw away a good heaping box of strange body products and such I'd been holding onto for years.
I painted the walls a warm cappucino color. Bought a beautiful new fabric shower curtain with a rich brown print on it.
Hung a new brushed bronze towel rack, brought in a brushed bronze bamboo shelving unit.
I found this rad amazing candle holder out thrifting the other day

Then I got to finally hang these vintage pictures I found thrifting a few years ago but never had the right frame for due to their square nature. I found a perfect one at a thrift store but alas, only one! so the other hangs in an unfavorable cheap one for the meantime.

"pan's legs were like a goat but he played such music that the nymphs would have no one else to play for their dancing"
I also have gotten to hang the art and prints that have been hiding in my bedroom. One of my favorites called "Look" a linocut print by milwaukee artist Jenny James, who i run into on occasion and swap goodies with.

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