Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back from my trip to Humboldt County California. I had an awesome amazingly peaceful week full of long walks at the bay, bus rides, hiking in a forest of sequoias, and driving all over the redwood parks.

I shot some great photos in a little town called Trinidad. We stopped in a few shops.
Here i got a handful of wonderful asian and african hand cast copper and brass beads.

We took a day long cruise south through the redwood parks

I greatly enjoyed taking early morning strolls through old town, Eureka. One morning i stopped at a bead and talisman shop, got some great beads and chain. When I got home to my suprise they dropped a big stuffed bag of great glass beads for free in my bag!
I also love this shop called Shipwreck. Fusion of handmade items, vintage items, and handspun yarn!


gherlashdawn said...

Humboldt County is a stunning, You will definitely be able to find peace and quiet. UK visitor are allowed to stay up to 6 months in most cases. Mostly rural area that beckons visitors to come and explore the wild northern portion of the state.

gherlashdawn said...
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