Tuesday, February 9, 2010

weddings and sorts

The idea of getting married has been such a far off in the distance event for so long its hard to crack down and get moving on it! The dates just 8 months away and I have only ideas in my mind and brief browsing through etsy for the things I want to do.
I have at least notified the people Id like to be involved, Three of my closest ladies. We have a place in mind out in the country side in Saukville, WI with lots of room for eating, dancing, and a field of pitched tents.
Its hard to want to make everything yourself but find that just as daunting as spending a bunch of money.
One of my favorite things Ive found so far are these mossy lanterns by AprilHilerDesigns

Bottom line is it will resemble that of the sort of celebration one might stumble upon in a shire of hobbits.

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