Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Forrester has been really interested in taking lots of pictures lately. Here's a sampling of what I find in the midst of my photos after uploading.

My work day started with dealing with a guy making rather big and difficult deal about his necklace that didn't arrive. First, he opened a paypal dispute after 7 days of not receiving the package.
1. I think 7 days is a reasonably amount of time to not have received a package. It happens to me most of the time. just chill.
2. Shouldn't the dispute be within etsy, since that's where the shopping is being done?
3. You should probably contact the person and ask before making a big deal and involving paypal.
I email him, he says he tried calling the phone number on the paypal receipt and it being incorrect, he "panicked". Again, try asking the designer first. Its probably ok.
I respond to the dispute explaining i got the package out with upgraded shipping and he probably received it the day after opening this dispute.
Turns out, the package never arrived. Did he email me and tell me this? No he continues to complain to paypal about it. I granted him the freaking refund and told him to return the necklace should it show up.
Im pretty bummed. This amethyst is expensive. And in high demand.

Luckily, I located a wholesale exporter of the stuff in Uruguay. Just have to drill it myself.

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