Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Tower

It was 80 degrees.
The sky full of sun.
We were driving through the Pocono mountains with all the windows down.
The car was full of owl feathers and birch bark and of course
a snake

I pulled out the tower
"A defensive crown once isolated me from the world.
A cork of old words covered my mind and clouds of crystallized,mummified, sclerotic feelings
cast a shadow over my heartbeats
and prevented the light from emerging.
A thick cloak of desires transformed my appetite for life into a jailer
I was flesh without God
consuming itself in the flames of its own existence
My ego converted into a prison
Despising myself, isolating myself, believing I was defending an inner territoty belonging only to me
who was I in the darkness of this tower?
Master of what?
What was my appearance, what false identity?
I was nothing but the rarefied air of an egotistical obscurity.
And suddenly from both inside and outside, a nameless force emerged
the love that sustains all matter
My top opened as well ad my inmost depths
The combined energies of Heaven and matter crossed through me like a hurricane.
I knew the burning of the center of the Earth
the light from the center of the universe.
I received the vibrating universal axis
I was no longer a tower but a channel

Like a queen Bee, I began to engender joyful beings.
I knew that I could burst, that each of my bricks would travel through infinity like a bird.

I was the central pillar of a cosmic dance.

I was quite simply the human body in full reception of its original energy"

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