Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm currently really into bold solid twill. I love the bold base with a bold ink screenprint over top. So crisp and clean. I wish i could find more brighter colors, joann fabrics selection of twill is unsurprisingly bland. but i picked out a few colors.

I've also started a little project of screenprinting an outline and hand painting lovely colors into it. this was my first go with it.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Im making a point to be more organized. I hope it helps me feel less stressed and overwhelmed. There are days i feel so overwhelmed and stressed and then I stop and think and can't even assess what it is that makes me feel this way.
I need to do things as they are presented to me, not push them off because it is overwhelming. this makes it more overwhelming.
Today I opened a bank account, packed a box and mailed it to EniThing in San Jose, CA, I assessed the stores value (!?) and paid some taxes.
Our dumbass landlord is making us find, hire, and buy a new water heater, have it installed and find a plumber to deal with the issues the place is having and hell "pay us back". thanks. because we need something else to deal with while he sits in his highrise condo on the lakefront yet somehow can't pay the mortgage on this house.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring 2010

Ive still been lagging behind from christmas. On my trip I gained such a feeling of refreshment, a clean slate and an urge to start creating lots again.
The sights, the culture, the walks, and everything in between brought me some great inspirations for my Spring 2010 lines.

For my jewelry I pulled themes of native american culture, both from the things I saw and a reconnection with that part of my family. Motifs of leather fringe, primitive beads, hand woven dreamcatchers and feathers

see http://woodenbirdhouse.etsy.com for the complete line to come.

For my textiles, I've pulled themes of wildlife and woodland culture for bold prints on bright jersey and corduroy . see htttp://papavier.etsy.com for new listings

Monday, March 1, 2010

Finding a bit more order to my screen printing studio in the basement. Come spring tons of garbage and donations will be cleaned out of the basement. For now, here is where I work.

We got a large order of great tees for great wholesale prices from Alternative Apparel.
I've been slowly introducing my line of wildlife prints both small and large for pouches, totes, and tees. I'm also feeling a little more caught up with my jewelry.
We're also about set to introduce Jerod's line of tees using orignal digital collage and old clip art images, the line of tees will be known as "Brother Donkey"
A sneak peak