Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Green Mountains

I've been doing what I can to deal with city life; And as I become more self aware, deal with this city's life in particular.
I have to remind myself that while I may lead the life of someone much older, I am still young in the relevant nature of human life. There is time, and eventually Ill be basking in rustic country life. Remind myself that these beauties aren't so far away.

Everyday during yoga, during Savasana I imagine meditating on those green mountains. With sun and air and so few people. It's grounding, and extremely optimistic.
Equally what I've been doing is reading John Muir's writings. Right now I'm working on The Mountains of California. I read a bit, clear my head with visions of the Sierras. Then I write a few pages. It brings about clearer focus and inspiration for making new jewelry.
But mostly, I think what many people lose touch of with the pressures of our culture is though you might feel like the biggest alien freak. somewhere. Sometime. There are people just like you

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We've been sprouting lots of mung beans. I got a great recipefor raw mung bean burgers off of some fellow blogs. I think next time ill use some different spices but other tha that they were pretty tasty. I let them do their thing in the dehydrator over night.