Friday, July 16, 2010

I wish summer lasted as long as it seemed to as a kid. I am a much happier person getting to walk into the woods and walk and see hear nothing but cicadas buzzing in the trees. It further presents my extreme desire to live in a cabin in the woods or mountains. someday that will be feasible.
Adeleine helped me beautifully arrange this basket from our perennial garden and a few peppers from the vegetable garden. We are drying lots of Yarrow and Lavender to make dried bouquets for the wedding in october.

Yesterday we went on a light hiking adventure. I found lots of great birch I am using for the wedding. We talked to the kids about some trees and cicadas and picked wild rasberries. We found these beautiful blue striped feathers on a trail. I didnt really feel like carrying them back though.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I finally filled the remaining space in my garden that the cucumbers had been slowly creeping upon with some organic Lemongrass and garlic chives from the South Shore Farmer's Market.

I wish summer would slow down. My favorite thing these days is spending hours upon hours at south shore park with my kids. playing in the sand. swinging. and throwing rocks in the surprisingly warm lake water. It's so quiet and peaceful with dozens of sailboats quietly floating in the bay.