Sunday, April 6, 2008

Another Boutique!

Yay! I had yet another boutique owner contact me with an interest in my designs and creations this time in San Francisco! She owns a indie art and craft gallery/boutique and wants to carry some of my things! I love it all but i think I need to start a sweatshop just to keep up with the inventory!
the shop is
In addition to that, earlier this week the manager of a summer outdoor market tracked me down really wanting me to apply to the market and sell my things there. I think I need a babysitter.

The grand opening of Nourish, the boutique in Athens, GA was this past week where I also have things. I hear it went well and there is a lot of buzz about the shop around the city!

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amy said...

Hey nice job!

We have yet to send our stuff to a consignment shop that we were supposed to send before Christmas. It's been a crazy year I guess.